It Takes a Village to Get a Visa

We each needed a visa for India. It took two graduate degrees, three weeks, twenty-two website visits, and Elmer’s glue.

India has outsourced it’s visa applications to a private company. You’d think this would make things simpler. You’d be wrong.

You’d think that for two reasonably educated people (a graduate degree each) it would be a simple matter to follow written directions. You’d be wrong about that too.

And when was the last time anyone without a five-year-old in the house needed glue? No, not tape (forbidden on the application!) Not staples (Forbidden!). Not paper clips (What were you thinking?) Plain Elmer’s glue please. We scrambled but we found some, in the junk drawer of course.

We have them safely in hand now, pasted into our passports. Perhaps this is just way to get us mentally ready for India.



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